Green Cut Inc. offers fall clean up services for the Brown County and Greater Green Bay area. Let our professionals clean up your yard with leaf and debris removal, winterization, yard waste removal, fall seeding and additional services per your lawn’s request. Each of our fall cleanup services can be quoted for your residential yard or commercial property.

Leaf & Debris Removal

Our crew uses equipment to remove all fallen leaves, acorns and other organic matter from the season change. Not only does this make your yard visually appealing, but our professional service will clear away any material that carries and transports plant diseases or fungus that will affect your lawn the following spring.


Winterization includes preparing your lawn, plants and soil for the winter conditions of Green Bay and Brown County. This can include clearing away any dead plants or trees and adding the necessary fertilizer to provide your lawn with the adequate nutrients to survive the winter and thrive the following spring.

Yard Waste Removal

This step disposes of all the dead plant material, leaves and other organic matter from your property. This ensures that your property does not have a breeding ground for plant diseases or lawn bug larva to reak havoc on your lawn.

Fall Seeding

With professional fall seeding your lawn will get the best possible care to ensure vitality through the long, cold winter. Each lawn has it’s own unique qualities, such as soil type, pH levels, unique grasses and overseeding possibilities. A lawn care professional can analyze and prepare a professional plan for your unique lawn.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration includes the following; aeration drills small holes in your lawn that reduce thatch build-up and allows essential nutrients from the fertilization to be properly distributed and absorbed. Similar to what golf courses do to prepare for the winter, this step properly ensures your lawn get the best care.

Please contact us for a quote on fall clean up services.