Green LawnsCommercial Mowing

Our standard commercial lawn care services include: mowing, line trimming around trees, posts, fencing, and post service cleanup.


De-thatching is a turf renovation process that is necessary due to excessive thatch build-up. Thatch is the collection of dead grass, leaves, stems and roots that become compacted at the base of the grass plant. When this layer exceeds 3/4” (forming a thatch mat), it becomes difficult for water, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the soil and supply your grass’ roots. An excessive thatch layer also creates an ideal environment for disease and insects to thrive and breed. Thatch can even force the grass roots to lift and grow closer to the soil surface, often into the thatch mat itself. Our mechanical removal of the thatch mat could be just what your lawn requires to rejuvenate and get it back into great shape.

Fertilizer / Weed Control

Our program consists of five fertilizer applications per calendar year integrating high quality slow release fertilizer along with the appropriate seasonal control for crab grass, broadleaf and grassy weeds. Our program is guaranteed to improve overall plant health including increased root strength, drought resistance, insect/disease resistance and will also assist in achieving that dark green color. We also offer specialty treatments which include hard for controlling weeds such as nutsedge or ground ivy.

Insect & Disease Control

We provide comprehensive solutions for insect and disease control. The most common lawn pests are sod webworm, chinch bug and grubs. We can control all of these along with others such as ants, fleas, ticks etc. An insecticide application will also give you some temporary relief from mosquitoes. Turf diseases are all treatable as well and we have the solution you are looking for.

Tree Care

Apple scab is one of the most common tree diseases seen in NE Wisconsin, most commonly in apple and crab apple trees. Mid-summer leaf dropping is one of the most prevalent signs. We offer a solution that is very effective in the prevention of this disease.

Core Aeration

Core aeration can have extensive benefits. It can dramatically improve soil drainage, reduce run-off and erosion, assist in root development and improve the air exchange rate between soil and atmosphere which helps increase the amount of oxygen present in the soil particles. The heavy clay base in most of the soil in this part of the state is prone to soil compaction, and aeration is the only thing that will help.

Landscape Bed & Weed Maintenance

Landscape is an investment and can last a long time when properly maintained. Left unmanaged, shrubs will drastically shorten their useful life cycle. Undesirable weeds are not only aesthetically unpleasing but can also harm desired plants by robbing moisture and nutrients from the soil. We offer proper pruning of all types of shrubs and hedges, perennials, decorative grass and ornamental trees.


Fresh mulch can substantially reduce the frequency of landscape bed maintenance. Furthermore, mulch helps retain the moisture needed to maintain healthy landscape. Applying to much mulch around certain flower & shrub types may lead to root rot and fungus. We offer mulch in many varieties and colors. Please call us for selections or a quote.

Landscape Bed Renovation

There comes a time when landscape comes to the end of its useful or functional life. Shrub removal, replacement, as well as decorative stone changes or additions are all services we offer. We can also provide complete design/build services through one of the quality companies we partner with.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

We offer miscellaneous clean-up services at all time of year. Spring and fall are the most popular but can work with you on any project.

Holiday Lighting

The use of high quality commercial grade lights and our no lights out guarantee sets us apart from the competition. Please call or fill out an online quote request for more info.

Weed Control

Please see our vegetation services page for more specifics on weed control solutions. If you are looking for something you don’t see listed, call us. We will find a solution.

Tower Clean-up

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